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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Revised safe homes guarantee bill moves to Senate floor, now awaiting vote

This afternoon we're pleased to report that one of our top legislative priorities, the Homeowner's Bill of Rights, or Safe Homes Guarantee, is still moving forward and has survived the most recent legislative cutoff.

As of yesterday afternoon, the bill, E2SHB 1393 (originally prime sponsored by Larry Springer, D-45th District) was voted out of Ways & Means with a do pass recommendation, after having been modified by a new striking amendment (PDF).

The latest amendment did not alter the statutory warranty that is at the heart of the bill; rather, the Committee simply made a few adjustments to polish up the bill. The new language clarifies that municipal building inspectors are not liable under the law, and makes the Attorney General (or its designee) responsible for the consumer education for home construction account that 1393 would create.

Following Ways & Mean's executive action, the bill was handed off to the Senate Rules Committee, which quickly placed it on the Senate's floor calendar.

E2SHB 1393 now awaits its turn to be debated on the Senate floor.

Republicans such as Janea Holmquist are likely to offer floor amendments to gut the bill, but such changes are equally likely to be rejected.

Readers, now is a great time to call your Senators and urge them to support E2SHB 1393, especially those Denocrats who voted against SB 5895.

I bolded the word call because legislators are currently deluged with email (we're approaching the end of session) and your message might not get read. Better to call and leave a phone message for your senator if he or she is unavailable.

To obtain the telephone number for your senator, navigate over to the Senate Democratic and Republican caucus webpages. Click a member's name to find the phone number for his or her district office. (It'll have a 360 area code).


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