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Thursday, March 26, 2009

DelBene team already coming together

Suzan DelBene, the first declared Democratic candidate for Washington's eighth congressional district (WA-08), announced yesterday in an email to supporters that she is hiring several people to fill key positions in her campaign.

DelBene's campaign manager will be Kelly Evans, who successfully led Chris Gregoire's reelection effort last year and served as the campaign manager in the fights against both Initiative 912 (2005) and Initiative 933 (2006).

DelBene's media consultant will be Dan Kully, of Laguens Kully Klose. Like Evans, Kully was part of the teams that helped defeat Initiatives 912 and 933. He put together Darcy Burner's media last cycle, and was responsible for the widely praised ads that helped propel Jon Tester to victory in Montana in 2006.

DelBene's finance director will be Tracy Newman, another veteran of last year's gubernatorial rematch between Chris Gregoire and Dino Rossi. Assisting Tracy with fundraising will be Chris Farrell, who journeyed around the United States on behalf of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Finally, Krystal Wood has been tapped as the campaign coordinator. DelBene describes her as "the contact for almost anything!"

DelBene's quick start shows how serious she is about defeating Dave Reichert in 2010. Launching a campaign for Congress is a big undertaking. Candidates hoping to knock out entrenched incumbents have to get moving early if they hope to be successful. Suzan clearly gets this - and she will have an advantage over other contenders mulling a run against Dave Reichert as a result.

In addition to announcing her campaign team, Suzan has also launched a redesigned website providing more information about her background and her candidacy.

It's really great to see that she's pulled together such a strong team so quickly. This will be a fun campaign to watch.


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