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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome Commissioner Goldmark

Welcome Commissioner Goldmark!

That's what a blue sign hanging in the foyer of the Natural Resources Building in Olympia proclaimed today as Peter Goldmark took office as Washington State's thirteenth Commissioner of Public Lands. Goldmark succeeds Republican Doug Sutherland, who held the post for eight years.

The blue sign served as the backdrop to an inaugural reception held in Goldmark's honor, marking the end of Peter's transition to power.

It was evident just walking around DNR's headquarters that the Sutherland era is over, but the change is also noticeable on DNR's website.

The big picture of Sutherland on the front page has been replaced by a nice photo of Commissioner Goldmark. See for yourself:

Screenshot of DNR website showing Goldmark photo

Goldmark announced last Friday that he has decided to promote Forest Practices Division Manager Lenny Young to serve as the Supervisor of the Department of Natural Resources. (The Supervisor directs the day to day operations at DNR).

Goldmark said of his second in command to be:
Lenny brings experience, strong ethics and a commitment to public service that will help him be successful in this very important position. His science background and can-do attitude will serve DNR and the people of Washington very well.
Young, for his part, seems ready to take on the job:
I’m honored to have been selected by Commissioner-elect Goldmark to help implement his vision of sustainability and economic opportunity. I look forward to working with my colleagues in this new capacity.
NPI extends its congratulations to Peter and Lenny on their new responsibilities. It will be rewarding to watch both of them in action.


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