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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tim Eyman taking out another $50,000 loan to finance 2009 initiative

Looks like somebody's short of cash again.

In an email sent out to supporters and the press just minutes ago, Tim Eyman announced that he's taking out another $50,000 loan against his line of credit to help finance his 2009 anti-jobs initiative:
We've got a huge list of supporters throughout the state (folks without email). We must send them all a mailing (via the post office) right away that informs them about the new initiative and asks them to donate. And the law firm of Groen, Stephens and Klinge of Bellevue did a brilliant job drafting the Lower Property Taxes Initiative and needs to be taken care of right away too.

Because of the incredibly tight timeframe, we can't allow even a day's delay. So I'm loaning $50,000 in start-up money to [my initiative campaign] today (see below) so our supporters can be given the opportunity to donate - I'm certain they're eager to, but they won't unless we ask them. That's what makes this first mailing so important. We must get this signature drive off to the fastest start possible.
What about Eyman's big loan from last year - the one he took out to pay the mercenary petitioners who collected signatures for his failed I-985?
P.S. My loan to last year's initiative is still outstanding - but that simply is not the priority right now - it can't be if we are to succeed with [this year's initiative]. We must focus all our attention, energy, and resources on the task at hand: raising funds for [this year's initiative].
Yet another example of a conservative being decidedly un-conservative with his own money. How many times has Eyman whined that the public's purse is being carelessly spent? Probably more than I could hope to count in my lifetime.

Yet here he is, carelessly taking out loan after loan to finance his schemes.

Eyman's personal bank account will get a boost later this month from his sugar daddy, Michael Dunmire, who told The News Tribune he's still backing Eyman.
Mike Dunmire, the Woodinville millionaire who has bankrolled past Eyman campaigns, said he was disappointed by the defeat of I-985 -- another Eyman measure -- this past November, but he’s still backing Eyman.

"I plan to be a significant contributor during the course of the year, but I don’t know how much yet," Dunmire said.

Dunmire said he also plans to kick in $100,000 at the end of January to the special fund that Eyman and his partners use to pay themselves for work on their initiative campaigns.

Dunmire said that should match an estimated $100,000 that Eyman and Spokane residents Jack and Mike Fagan have collected from smaller contributors, meaning Eyman should get $100,000 and the Fagans should be $50,000 apiece for their work on I-985.
One hundred grand... for failure.

I thought that right wing dogma held that people who fail should be punished, and need to learn discipline so they can "pull themselves up by their own bootstraps". I keep forgetting that the right wing doesn't practice what it preaches.

Eyman's like an all-important, self-centered Wall Street executive: he gets compensated handsomely, even if the company has a terrible year.


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