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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pacific NW Portal Version 4.3 released

This evening, the Northwest Progressive Institute team is pleased to announce the completion of Pacific NW Portal Version 4.3, the "Inaugural Edition". Version 4.3 consists of a small set of minor enhancements that have been needed for some time to make the site current. Loyal Portal readers have probably noticed some of the updates already as we began phasing them in - primarily syndicate changes.

To the front page, we are happy to welcome Oregon's Chuck For as one of our syndicated blogs. Joining the Washington Outlook are The Other Side and Washington Outsiders, two very fine Evergreen State blogs from outside the Seattle area. Joining the Oregon Dispatch are Global Strategies and Unconventional Folly, two fresh Beaver State blogs that we like.

A teaser for our inaugural coverage has been added on the front page, and some outdated graphics have been replaced here and there.

And that's about the extent of the changes.

As always, we welcome your feedback - if you have ideas about how to make Pacific NW Portal better, we want to hear them.


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