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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pacific NW Portal: Four years

Forty eight months ago today, we launched Pacific NW Portal to build stronger ties between the many sites that comprise the regional netroots community.

Four years is an awfully long time in the digital era, and we're grateful to all of the wonderful people who have loyally supported the Portal since its inception. Almost all of the major improvements we've made to the site were based on suggestions from people who generously shared their ideas and didn't hesitate to point out what they thought were flaws or problems preventing the Portal from working properly.

A couple weeks ago, we rolled out the latest edition of the Portal, Version 4.3 (otherwise known as the "Inaugural Edition"), a much needed upgrade which introduced new syndicated blogs.

The Portal is in need of a few additional fixes which we hope to have completed relatively soon, but otherwise it appears to be in good shape.

We'd like to express our profound appreciation to everyone who has promoted and linked to Pacific NW Portal over the years.

Thanks for reading... and please, keep that feedback coming!


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