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Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks for fighting the good fight, Darcy

Although King County Elections still has 185,579 mail ballots left to tabulate - with a fair percentage of those from Washington's 8th Congressional District - it appears that Dave Reichert is going to (narrowly) win a third term in Congress representing Washington's 8th District.

As of this afternoon, Dave Reichert has a 1,440 vote lead over Darcy Burner in King County and a 6,403 vote lead overall, across WA-08. Based on what's happened over the last few days, we anticipate that the remaining ballots to be counted will trend in Reichert's direction - and that means Darcy will lose.

Obviously, that would be a very disappointing outcome, but remember, unseating incumbents is incredibly difficult. Knocking out a Member of Congress in an election is a monumental, Herculean task.

Darcy made this race very competitive, and that speaks volumes about the strength of her campaign. We're extremely proud of what she has already accomplished by running for Congress.

She's energized and organized Democrats from the foothills of Mount Rainier to the shores of Lake Sammamish. Eastside Democrats are stronger thanks to her candidacy. For that, we can't thank her enough.

If she doesn't overtake Dave Reichert and prevail in this contest for Congress, we hope that President Barack Obama will consider giving her a job in his new administration, where she could put her incredible grasp of technology and resourcefulness to work for the people of the United States.

Thanks again for fighting the good fight, Darcy. No matter what happens in the days ahead, you have our support, appreciation, and admiration.


Blogger Cliff said...

Thank you Darcy for chasing Rodney Tom out of the race. Tom, having actual experience and accomplishments, as opposed to...well, not having actual experience and accomplishments, might have beaten Reichert in a year this bad for Republicans. But thanks to you, he stayed out of the race.

And now, having helped Reichert survive what is very likely to be the worst two back-to-back election years for Republicans in a generation, he's likely now entrenched and is unlikely to lose anytime soon.

So again, thanks Darcy for chasing Rodney Tom out of the race!

November 19, 2008 10:12 AM  

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