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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help contribute to America's collective understanding of online activism

Interested in helping improve our collective understanding of online activism?

Here's your chance.

Two researchers at the University of Tennessee and Texas Tech University are seeking respondents for an online survey to learn more about how Americans use the Internet to get political information. The quadrennial survey, first conducted in 1996, is sponsored by Dr. Barbara Kaye and her colleague Professor Tom Johnson.

They'd like as many NPI readers to participate as possible.

The survey is fun, takes only a little less than a half hour to complete, and your privacy is completely guaranteed:
All responses will be held on a secure server on the UTK campus. The survey is encrypted to protect anonymity, cookies are not used nor is IP routing information collected. All responses will be kept confidential and stored on a secured computer accessible only by the two principal researchers. No identifying personal factors will be used in reporting the results of this survey.
The survey runs through November 25th. Please head on over to the University of Tennessee's site now and help these two pioneering researchers learn more about American politics in the Internet Age.


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