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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dorn will replace Bergeson at the helm of Washington's schools

Randy Dorn will be taking over the job of top Washington school official next January. Lagging four percent behind Dorn in the polls, the current Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson conceded the race this afternoon.

Bergeson had twelve years to make her mark on our state schools and one of her major accomplishments, the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, was by most estimates, a dubious one. Dorn plans to replace the WASL with a simpler test that is graded fast in order to give teachers a quick assessment of a student's progress and is directly comparable to tests taken by students' peers nationally.

Parents' and teachers' frustration with the WASL probably contributed to Dorn's success.

NPI looks forward to seeing progress in Washington's educational system. There is a lot of room for improvement and the stakes are high.


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