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Friday, November 7, 2008

Darcy concedes WA-08

Following our projection that Dave Reichert would narrowly win a third term in Congress early this afternoon, the Associated Press called the race for him, and now Darcy has issued a statement:
It is likely at this point that Congressman Reichert has won re-election, and while we will certainly ensure that every valid vote is counted, we accept the decision of the voters.

I would like to thank the thousands of people who put so much time and effort into the campaign, as well as the countless thousands more who went beyond voting to actively participate in our democratic process this year. The election of Barack Obama as our new President will ensure that the change to the direction of our country called for in this campaign is realized in the new year.
At Daily Kos, Joan observes:
The Seattle Times spurious attack on Darcy's character, calling her a liar because she accurately described her Harvard degree, apparently worked. So they succeeded in re-electing an already ineffective incumbent who will be even more so mired deep in the minority, with a Democratic president.

Congratulations, Emily Heffter and the Seattle Times. You just assured progress on key issues like transportation and environmental protection in the 8th District won't have an effective proponent in the House. At least we've got good Senators.
While undoubtedly there were multiple factors that contributed to Darcy's apparent loss, the Seattle Times certainly served as a key surrogate for the National Republican Congressional Committee, legitimizing their unfair attacks.

Frank Blethen may claim to run an impartial newsroom, but we know better.


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