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Monday, October 6, 2008

George W. Bush is allowing you to be poisoned

In my lifetime I've seen airlines deregulated, lived in California when utility companies were deregulated, watched the captains of financial industry rape the common wealth of my country after John McCain's economic advisor crafted laws that benefited the industry and lobbied on behalf of it, and now I'm watching the Bush Administration disregard the health and welfare of the American people, all in the name of the Almighty Dollar. Warning: George W. Bush is hazardous to your health.
The Bush administration has abruptly halted a government program that tests the levels of pesticides in fruits, vegetables and field crops, arguing that the $8 million-a-year program is too expensive — a decision critics say could make it harder to protect consumers from chemicals in their food.
That's right, the Bush Administration believes that we the taxpayers can afford a $700 billion blank check for the corporate welfare, but it's unwilling to spend a measly $8 million (by comparison) to safeguard our health against known carcinogens, because it's "too expensive".

The good news is that after ingesting enough pesticide-laden produce, we'll be so full of the bug juice that we don't have to worry about bees, mosquitoes, or any other common insects that sometimes bite or sting humans. We'll be walking insect repellent. The bad news is that the pesticides will have riddled our bodies with cancerous tumors, so we better pray that Bush and the Republicans haven't exempted our employers from contributing to our health care coverage, otherwise we'll be headed for the emergency room, bankruptcy and the morgue, in that order.

Deregulation is one thing, but endangering the public health is criminal.


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