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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gregoire makes a good impression

While attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver last month, Governor Gregoire was being closely observed, as recorded in a guest op-ed column in Monday's Seattle P-I. The observer was Colorado policeman, Frank Vanecek, who drove and provided security for Gregoire and her staff while in Denver, and his opinion cast the governor in quite a favorable light:
Several things about the governor are remarkable -- her energy, the things that appeared to be her priorities, the way she dealt with people, including me. I was essentially a taxi driver with a badge, yet Gregoire was very thoughtful and considerate of my well-being and me.
Mr. Vanecek goes on to say:

I've spent much of my 28 years in law enforcement as an investigator, interacting with thousands of people and making judgments on their truthfulness and character.

My conclusions after spending time as a "fly on the wall" with Gregoire is that she is a person of integrity who has the interest of her state at heart and puts that interest above her own.

Since we've seen that the electorate puts a high premium on personality and likeability when choosing its candidates, testimonies like these, from a Republican nonetheless, show a governor that is an admirable person both in and out of the limelight.


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