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Sunday, August 24, 2008

NPI's live coverage of the Democratic National Convention to begin tomorrow

It's finally time for the curtains to close on what has been the longest presidential nominating season in history.

This week, Democrats from across the United States of America will meet in Denver, Colorado to nominate Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the next President and Vice President of the United States, and conduct party business.

We're pleased to announce that the Northwest Progressive Institute team will be there all week long bringing you live coverage from the Mile High City. Our live coverage officially kicks off tomorrow, but those of us arriving in Denver today may file a post or two this evening.

If you've never been to a convention and are curious to know what goes on at one, here's a summary provided by the Democratic National Committee:
A typical day in the life of a delegate or alternate at a National Convention begins with a state delegation breakfast meeting. At this meeting, delegates will hear from their state’s prominent Democratic leaders, as well as from special guests including national political figures and campaign surrogates. Delegates and alternates will also receive their credentials for that day’s Convention proceedings at breakfast.

At past Conventions, following their breakfast sessions, delegates attended caucus meetings and/or training sessions.
The Convention proceedings usually begin in mid-to-late afternoon each day, though no official schedule has been set thus far for Denver.

DNC Chairman Governor Howard Dean acts as the Temporary Chair of the 2008 Convention and will call the Convention to order on Monday. The first item of formal business for the Convention to act on is the report of the Credentials Committee, which will resolve all questions concerning the seating of delegates. The second item of business is the report of the Rules Committee. Among its many responsibilities, the Rules Committee will recommend the permanent Convention officers, including the Permanent Convention Chair. Following approval of the Rules Committee report by Convention delegates, it is presumed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will take the gavel as the Permanent Convention Chair. At past Conventions, the keynote address has typically been on Monday evenings.

The Tuesday of the Convention has generally featured debate and discussion of the Party’s proposed National Platform.
In the past, the Wednesday of the Convention kicked off the Party’s formal presidential nominating process with nominating and seconding speeches for presidential candidates being given. The alphabetical roll call of states and territories by the Convention Secretary is a memorable feature of past Wednesday nights. Sometimes the Party’s presumptive vice presidential candidate will also speak on Wednesday.

The final day of the Convention – Thursday – features the nomination of the vice presidential candidate. The Convention concludes with the acceptance speech of the Party’s presidential nominee.
Be sure to stop by the NPI Advocate often - we'll be filing frequent reports on the Convention.


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