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Monday, August 11, 2008

More editorial boards blast Gordon Smith

The latest Gordon Smith ad is drawing serious fire from two more major newspapers in Oregon. First, the Statesman-Journal in Salem called Smith this week's "Loser":

LOSER: Sen. Gordon Smith's latest campaign ad. It berates his Democratic challenger, House Speaker Jeff Merkley, for a $34 million upgrade of the Oregon Capitol. Memo to Smith: Those renovations and new furnishings had bipartisan support from legislators. P.S. The Oregon Legislature manages to balance its budget, unlike Congress.
But the real highlight is the paper of record in Pendleton, where Smith claims his hometown:
The decision on how to bring Oregon's symbol of statehood out of the dark ages of decorating was a bipartisan matter which had widespread support on both sides of the aisle.

As taxpayers, we could become wrapped around the axle that the Oregon Legislature has decided to spend a few million bucks replacing old desks and chairs. On the other hand, we ought to hope that our state capital and the offices therein represent a respectable image.

That it has become a major campaign issue in the race for the U.S. Senate is ridiculous.

Neither Gordon Smith nor Jeff Merkley are running for the Oregon Legislature.

What should really bother us is the fact that gasoline is more than $4 a gallon, food prices continue to rise and the home mortgage system has tanked. We are engaged in funding a war that threatens to undermine our well-being and that of our children. Much of the world dislikes us despite the fact we continue to send them boatloads of money.

Government employment at all levels is rising at a much, much faster pace than employment in the private sector - a disproportionate ratio that cannot be sustained if our economy is to remain viable.

Yes, there are lots of genuinely meaningful issues that need to be addressed in this important race for the Senate.

New furniture for Oregon's capital is not one of them.
Smith's television ads continue to represent a serious Achilles heel for his campaign. They've been fraught with errors and innuendo. Fortunately, the local print media seems to be keeping a watchful eye on Smith's foibles..for now.


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