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Thursday, August 28, 2008

LIVE from Denver: The ultimate protest

Walking to catch a train earlier today, I witnessed a woman getting her picture taken with a crew of heavily armed police officers standing out on the sidewalk. She was wearing a goofy grin and posing as if she were a model. The police were smiling and enjoying the spectacle.

As I watched this scene (and laughed) a thought occurred to me. Hardly anybody has bothered to go over to the caged "free speech zone" during this convention. By staying away, people are thus protesting the very idea of a "free speech zone".

Instead, they're walking the 16th Street Mall waving placards, handing out literature, playing music, chanting - or getting their pictures taken with the police.

The ultimate protest is refusing to fear the militarization of this city. To carry on exercising our Constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights no matter what.
Using freedom is defending freedom.


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