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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LIVE from Denver: Joe Biden accepts the vice presidential nomination

After a heartwarming introduction from his son, Beau, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware emerged in front of a packed convention hall to accept the Democratic Party's nomination for Vice President of the United States.

Biden spoke at great length about his upbringing and the values his mother (who watched the speech from high up in the PepsiCenter) instilled in him:
Barack Obama and I took very different journeys to this destination, but we share a common story.

Mine began in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and then Wilmington, Delaware, with a dad who fell on hard economic times, but who always told me: “Champ, when you get knocked down, get up... get up.”

My mother's creed is the American creed: no one is better than you. You are everyone's equal, and everyone is equal to you.

My parents taught us to live our faith and treasure our family. We learned the dignity of work, and we were told that anyone can make it if they try.
Biden talked about the traumatic experience of losing his wife and daughter, and how that changed his life forever.

He talked about his work as a United States Senator, and his belief in the enduring promise of the American dream.

He took John McCain to task for wrongly impugning Barack Obama's character and wisdom, providing example after example of McCain's lapses in judgment.

He spoke of the hope this Democratic ticket brings to the nation.

"Millions of Americans have been knocked down. And this is the time as Americans, together, we get back up," Biden said.

Finishing with a flourish, he was joined onstage by Barack Obama, who briefly addressed the Convention and thanked the Clintons for their support. He opined that Hillary Clinton had "rocked the house" on Tuesday.

The Convention now moves to Invesco Field for its final night.


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