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Thursday, August 28, 2008

LIVE from Denver: Inside Invesco Field

After standing in one of the longest security lines I've ever stood in, we (myself, DiAnne, and Garlin) finally managed to get inside of Invesco Field.

The mood in here is joyful (and that is an understatement). Most people have American flags to wave. The delegates are actually on the field itself, with broadcast TV tents on the perimeter.

In midfield is a large stage with a blue pedestal colored walkway and pedestal extending outwards. That's where Obama will give his speech. The seats are slowly filling up as people pass through security and enter the stadium.

The "seat numbers" on the community passes are meaningless which means people can get away with saving seats for friends who should be sitting in another section. Ah, well.

Sheryl Crow was just onstage singing, and we heard from Mr. Udall, the Democratic nominee for Senate in Colorado. Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia is currently speaking.


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