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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LIVE from Denver: Governor Schweitzer "Knights" Markos

I really thought Governor Schweitzer of Montana brought down the house last night. Bill Clinton's reaction shots on the television screen were priceless. This morning, I reclaimed my "blogger couch" and before long, Markos of DailyKos came along and autographed a copy of his book for me. A few minutes later, Governor Schweitzer came up to get one too.

He also presented Markos with one of his trademark bolo ties. "This is like being knighted in Montana," he said.

This couch is the best vantage point I have found during this convention. Yesterday Katie Couric did an interview of the Kos writer sitting next to me, and just now I watched Vincent Bugliosi get irate because DailyKos allegedly hadn't reviewed his book. (From what I'm hearing, they never even received one.) T. Boone Pickens is speaking upstairs, and I think he just paid for our lunch.

I have a feeling today is going to be a real carnival.


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