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Thursday, August 28, 2008

LIVE from Denver: Cantwell, Inslee, delegates talk to NPI about their convention experience

This morning, the Northwest Progressive Institute is pleased to announce the release of our second podcast for August 2008.

This episode, recorded live at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, features a series of interviews with pledged delegates (Brad, Liz, David) and superdelegates (Senator Maria Cantwell, Representative Jay Inslee) who were kind enough to share their perspective on the Convention with NPI.

You'll hear the delegates talk about everything from the speeches to navigating Denver's transportation system.

These interviews were recorded in high definition audio on Tuesday and Wednesday using our Olympus portable recorder - equipment that we were able to acquire thanks to your generous support at the 2008 Spring Fundraising Gala.

To subscribe to our podcast, plug our multimedia feed into your favorite aggregator - or click the below button to do so if you are an iTunes user.

Members of NPI - Northwest Progressive Institute - Northwest Progressive Institute

We'll try to get the interview transcribed and we'll update this post when we've got a transcript finished.


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