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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LIVE from Denver: Bill Clinton deconstructs Republican attacks on Obama

Moments ago, our first primetime speaker of the night, and the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, took the stage and walked to the podium.

Clinton was greeted by sustained and thunderous applause from the convention, which ignored his repeated requests to sit down and be quiet so he could speak.

When Clinton was finally able to begin speaking, he quickly drew applause again by declaring his unequivocal support for Barack Obama. Reminding delegates of Hillary's speech last night, and her commitment to do everything she could to bring him into the White House, he stated "That makes two of us".

"Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States," Clinton went on to say, attacking head-on the Republicans' claims that Obama is inexperienced with glowing praise of Barack's candidacy. "A President Obama will choose diplomacy first and military force as a last resort," he added.

Clinton went on to slam the Republicans' record, noting that America began to see the disastrous impact of the GOP's right wing agenda beginning in 2001, when it gained control over every branch of the federal government.

And he compared Obama's candidacy with his own in 1992, reminding delegates of the Republicans' attack on his youth and perceived "inexperience".

"Sound familiar?" he asked.

Smiling, he predicted that Barack Obama would succeed and triumph at the polls just as he did sixteen years ago, because Barack "is on the right side of history".

When it comes to blowing the doors off the Republicans' noise machine, there are few better suited for the job than Bill Clinton. What a speech!


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