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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Governor Gregoire stops by Seattle Drinking Liberally, answers questions

Earlier this evening, Governor Chris Gregoire became the latest Democratic leader to stop by the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally, joining a long list of elected officials, candidates, and dignitaries that have taken time out of their evenings to talk to the local netroots and thank the community for its support.

Governor Chris Gregoire at Seattle Drinking Liberally

Gregoire, who was warmly welcomed, spoke for several minutes before answering nearly half a dozen questions and adding an autographed campaign bumper sticker to the "Republican St." sign that hangs above the bar at the Montlake Ale House. (The sign was previously plastered with Kennedy/Johnson, Carter/Mondale, and Clinton stickers at a Drinking Liberally redecorating party months ago.)

Republican St gets a new bumper sticker

The governor stuck around after that to shake hands and talk to bloggers and activists one-on-one. She was kind enough to answer questions for NPI, and we'll be publishing our interview with her as a podcast before the end of the week.

The governor was upbeat and cheery during her visit. She joked that she had made sure to bring her ID this time, referring to the incident at Hannah's in Olympia earlier this month when she was carded and turned away from the door because she didn't have documentation proving that she was old enough to drink alcohol.


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