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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Desperate times, desperate Smith

The latest contrivance to ooze from Republican Gordon Smith's flailing general election campaign has already been deconstructed here. Thankfully, the Oregonian's Harry Esteve took on the challenge as well. Given that his report on the ad will no doubt be given more credence than mine (and seen by a heckuva lot more people), I'm glad to see it.

Esteve's Anatomy of a U.S. Senate race ad gives the reader a step-by-step look at Smith's newest negative attack ad against Oregon House Speaker, Democrat Jeff Merkley. The ad, in a nutshell, attacks Merkley for a bipartisan bill which paid for woefully necessary updates and fixes to the Oregon State Capitol.

Esteve demonstrates how Smith's campaign planted the story with the Oregon media:


Smith campaign staff persuade Bruun and two other House Republicans, Wayne Scott, of Canby, and Bill Garrard, of Klamath Falls, to sign a letter expressing concern about the furniture price tags.

Before the letter is given to legislative leaders, a Smith staffer delivers a copy to the Associated Press bureau in the state Capitol. The campaign also offers the AP an exclusive interview with Smith on the furniture issue. The story goes out statewide, but the headlines aren't what the campaign is looking for. That comes later, when The Oregonian runs a front-page story that focuses on the furniture upgrades and the cost.

"It's always better to have a story vetted through the media," says Chuck Adams, a Republican media strategist who has worked for Smith in the past. "It adds a lot of credibility. It makes it twice as strong."

Ahhhh...Chuck Adams. I dubbed Adams the Douchebag of Double-Dealing Dirt back in 2006 for his sleazy, nasty campaign tactics. Given his cheering for this latest Smith ad, its a confirmation of what I (and now Harry Esteve of the Oregonian) are saying about it. Adams has a long and storied history of participating in trumped-up shit about Merkley, too. At least we can count on him to be consistent.

Esteve notes that reaction to the ad is pissing off some Republican state legislators who supported the bill:

Plenty of Republicans voted for the office renovations. And some are less than pleased with the ad, because it sours voters on all incumbents, not just Merkley.

"I knew when I cast my vote -- and others knew when they cast their vote -- that we'd have to face some criticism from some people." says Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day. He just didn't think the harshest words would come from Smith.

Well Senator Ferrioli, what did you expect? Gordon Smith is a desperate guy--and desperate times call for desperate measures. You didn't think he'd step on your neck to get what he wants? Welcome to Rove-style Republican politics, man. Makes you wanna run right out and vote for Smith now, doesn't it?

If Gordon Smith wasn't so detached and out-of-touch with the electorate of Oregon, he wouldn't have a problem. If he wasn't a rubber-stamp, reliable Bush-Cheney vote for the last six years, he wouldn't have a problem. Now in his sad effort to hold on to his a sweet and cushy Senate gig where he doesn't actually represent the will of Oregonians, Smith is desperately throwing bullshit at our TV--hoping something will stick.

What a two-faced rat bastard.


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