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Monday, August 4, 2008

Darcy Burner unveils first 2008 television ad

Darcy Burner's campaign has just launched their first television ad for the 2008 cycle, "Taking Stock". It's a beautifully written, wonderfully filmed ad that presents a biographical sketch of the candidate and her experience on the campaign trail.

The ad, which runs sixty seconds, opens with pictures of Darcy's childhood, continuing on to show video highlights of her work testing toxic toys, helping women succeed at Microsoft, putting together the Responsible Plan, bouncing back from the fire that destroyed her Ames Lake home last month, and fighting for economic security for the people of the 8th.

Almost all of the narration in the ad is done by Darcy herself. She speaks in a convincing, confident, and reassuring voice. The musical accompaniment strikes a solid chord, and the ad is impressive in its combination of thoroughness and simplicity. There's a theme that presents a concise message - here's a candidate who is willing to take on any challenge and work incredibly hard for her constitutents - but also plenty of supporting detail.

Burner spokesman Sandeep Kaushik said this afternoon that the ad will run for at least a week on broadcast and cable. From the campaign's press release:
This is a significant television buy, well into the six-figures...After months where our Republican opponent has had all the benefits of incumbency, including the ability to send district voters hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of glossy campaign-style mail pieces at public expense, we are now moving forward aggressively to level the playing field.
In short, the ad is a super start to Darcy's paid media campaign.

We're also proud that someone from NPI is in the ad.

In the segment about the Responsible Plan, NPI Outreach & Advocacy Director Rick Hegdahl (also an advisor to can clearly be seen standing next to Darcy as she talks to veterans about ending the occupation of Iraq.

What's your take on Darcy's first ad of the season? Let us know by sharing your reaction in the comments.


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