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Friday, July 18, 2008

Republicans target Michelle Obama

Catching up on local Seattle news while in Austin, I read about Michelle Obama's event for Chris Gregoire and learned that Washington Republicans like those in Tennessee earlier, are going after the Democratic candidate's wife.

They launched a Web ad "welcoming" Michelle Obama to the state. In the video, the King County Republican chair and her cohorts are shown pledging allegiance to the flag (in reference to the false assertion that Barack Obama does not do so.)

"I'm proud to be an American," says the chairwoman, and then they show an old, out-of-context remark by Michelle Obama that has widely used already.

This a a typical attack by a GOP group using cultural issues that McCain then doesn't have to touch.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton responded:
With our economy in shambles, our nation at war and our challenges mounting by the day, it is beyond sad that the Republican Party of Washington would spend its time launching shameful attacks on the wife of a candidate - attacks our current First Lady Laura Bush has decried. Michelle Obama has lived the American Dream, and it’s love of country that leads Michelle and Barack to make this race.

But how does it strengthen our country to pollute our politics with false and mean-spirited attacks? John McCain promised us better. It's up to him to curb these tactics, or take responsibility for them.
The Governor's office also issued a statement condemning the Republican attacks. "If John McCain is serious about running a “respectful” campaign on the issues, he and Republican leaders like Dino Rossi will denounce this tasteless attack ad and tell the state Republican Party to pull the plug on it immediately," Gregoire said.

Here is the link to Governor Chris Gregoire's diary at DailyKos, about the visit of Michelle Obama to Seattle.


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