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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Senator Patty Murray applauds Sound Transit for putting Phase 2 on the ballot

Just in from Washington, D.C.:
The Sound Transit Board has decisively resolved to include a new transit measure on the ballot this fall. I applaud the decision to give voters a voice in this process.

With gas prices sky high and transit ridership on the rise throughout the Puget Sound, expanding our transit options is more important than ever. Our region and state must continue to look for innovative ways to expand transportation options for families, help reduce our carbon footprint and grow our region's economy for years to come. Expanding Sound Transit is key to that effort.
Senator Murray has long been a tireless champion for Washington State in our nation's capitol. It was thanks to her efforts that the Bush administration approved hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for Central Link and is requesting money from Congress for University Link.

Senator Murray understands - unlike some people in Olympia - that our region's transportation system must include a vibrant transit network of high speed light rail, commuter rail, and buses that provides choices for commuters.

We at NPI are grateful to Senator Patty Murray for her support of Sound Transit and her enthusiasm for this package. We will do everything we can to move our region forward and win the voters' approval of Phase 2 this November.


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