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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rossi inappopriately used Aquasox mailing list to boost campaign

The Rossi campaign is either getting really desperate or really careless in its hunt for donors to pump up the Republican's campaign war chest.

Recently, Rossi, who holds a tiny ownership stake in the Everett Aquasox, used his connection to the minor league ballclub to obtain thousands of fan email addresses. He then sent out an invitation to a fundraising event to benefit him in violation of the Aquasox' privacy policy.

Aquasox co-owner Tom Hoban, with whom Rossi also owns a 1.4 acre commercial property in Mill Creek worth upwards of $5.25 million, helped the campaign get access to the team's mailing list. After the e-mail blast became public, Rossi's spokeswoman Jill Strait suggested that Rossi had no knowledge of Hoban's activities and in addition, told the Everett Herald that the Dino Rossi fundraiser was "not a partisan event."

Yet Hoban took the stage right after Rossi at a "Campaign Kickoff Luncheon" last December, to solicit money and to reveal his scheme to use the baseball team to boost Rossi's gubernatorial bid.

Washington State Democrats say Rossi is using a front group to build donor lists, not to mention violating the privacy of thousands of baseball fans. As their spokesperson Kelly Steele pointed out: "After 8 years of deception and lies from George Bush, the last thing Washingtonians need is Bush Republican like Dino Rossi – who has now been caught in a bald-faced lie – in the governor’s mansion."


Blogger mdabe80 said...

Seems like the Dems have issues with a successful business person owning things. SO what??? He's diversified. As opposed to Gregoire, Dino's learned how to mange money. She has gone from a HUGE excess to a negative in 4 short years. We lost the Sonics and she's done nothing.....except lose money . Understand it: Gregoire's a loser who wasn't elected by the people. Tricks? yes. The people? NO!

July 4, 2008 12:54 PM  
Blogger Toolman said...

I'll vote for Dino over swallowing more of that red ink and endless regulations that Gregoire has brought to us. She has to be the worst thing thats happened to WA in 30 years. How about we fix some roads so we can get to work on time and pay for this massive overspending hog trough on a state government. Or as an alernative maybe I should just shut up and register for some on that artwork spending the states giving out. Better yet, quit my job and go on state subsistance like so many others and let somebody else pay off her debts.

July 6, 2008 6:36 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

"Dino has learned to manage money"?

Oh, please, "mdabe". The budget that Rossi worked on in 2003 with Gary Locke's complicity was shortsighted and gimmick-filled. It cut children off of healthcare and raised user fees as state parks, for instance. That's dishonest fiscal management. And afterwards Rossi was going around saying, we balanced everything without raising taxes. That was a lie. Taxes did go up, Republican-style, in the form of user fees. Rossi also never mentions that balancing the budget isn't optional - the Legislature is required to do it.

As for regulation, "Toolman", who would you rather be regulated by? The government, which you as a citizen have ownership in, or unaccountable private corporations that are beholden to only their stockholders and not to you? If we are not governed by ourselves we will be governed by the private sector. When corporations are allowed to make decisions that have a harmful effect on the rest of us, we all lose.

As for transportation, the state has already invested millions of dollars into better roads, an investment that Gregoire fought for and persuaded voters to sanction. You were probably one of the ones who voted for I-912 and against fixing those roads, "Toolman".

As for public art, that's not something you can hang around Gregoire's neck. You're entitled to believe that public art is a waste of money, but that has nothing to do with the gubernatorial campaign.

July 6, 2008 10:51 AM  

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