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Friday, July 4, 2008

Oregon Update: It still sucks to be a Republican

It's been a wild and wooly week in Oregon politics. Two rather prominent stories outlining more problems for Republicans were front and center.

First, GOP Oregon House candidate Jeff Duyck (rhymes with "pike") is being forced to drop his candidacy for District 29 because he doesn't live in the district. The move isn't without a lot of controversy. Duyck has been voting in the district for seven years and election officials had told him previously that he lived there. But as it turns out, Duyck's property is bisected by the district boundary line. His home and other structures on the property are on the District 26 side of the line.

Duyck can appeal the decision, but its unlikely he'll succeed. The Secretary of State's office has no choice under Oregon law. A person running for office must live in the district at least a year before running.

While this definitely sucks for Duyck, who followed the rules as he knew them to be, it highlights more ineptitude by the Oregon Republican Party. Jeff Duyck is one of their top recruits. The people in charge of running their House races should known Duyck's property was at the edge of the district and going over the maps with a fine-toothed comb.

The other big news this week is decision by the Oregon Supreme Court to affirm a lower court decision against racketeer Bill Sizemore.

The court ruled in favor of two teachers unions and upheld a $2.5 million judgement won against Sizemore in 2002.

It's not clear yet if Sizemore is personally liable for the judgement.

Bill Sizemore is Oregon's version of Tim Eyman, Sizemore is just way more blatant about skirting the law. And in this rather prominent case, shattering it.


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