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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jeff Merkley to Gordon Smith: Give up your dirty Stevens money!

Recent seven-count-indictment recipient Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) has been spreading cash to Gordon Smith to the tune of $39,000.

Today, progressive Democrat Jeff Merkley called on Smith to cough up the cash from Stevens--whose indictments include seven felony counts of making false statements in a corruption case.

Merkley is asking Smith to give up the cash linked to the allegedly and probably corrupt Ted Stevens to charities which help provide health insurance to Oregon children. Especially given Smith's supportive non-support of the Healthy Kids initiative that his Republican colleagues in Oregon worked overtime to scuttle, it would be a decent gesture.

Smith claimed to support the Healthy Kids cigarette tax increase while failing to do any work at all to pass the thing.

Which pretty much sums up his entire Senate career.

Update (5:00PM): Smith gives the money to charity. Looks like Merkley holding his feet to the fire counts for something.


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