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Friday, July 18, 2008

LIVE from Austin: So you want to run for office - with Darcy Burner!

We're on to the second round of afternoon panels here in Austin. We're almost done with officially scheduled events for the day. For now, I'm watching a presentation by Darcy Burner and Blair Butterworth about running for office. They're substituting for Progressive Majority's Dean Nielsen, who can't be here.

Since this is Darcy Burner speaking, the workshop is by nature extensive and thorough, with accompanying PowerPoint slides that offer tips on everything from fundraising to organizing to building name ID.

One of the best moments was when Darcy urged attendees to keep backups of their mailing lists of donors (and volunteers).

"You never know what might happen," she said. "Your laptop might get stolen...or your house might burn down," she finished with a fleeting smile.

The audience groaned.

Darcy and Blair also covered how to pick core staff, select a general consultant for a campaign, convince people to become involved as volunteers, work with the local party organization, and launch a field effort. They're currently taking questions from audience members, including prospective candidates.

This is one of the best Netroots Nation events I've been to.


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