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Saturday, July 19, 2008

LIVE from Austin: Netroots Nation 2009 to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Reprising her Thursday night opening appearance, Netroots Nation Executive Director and founder Gina Cooper just took the stage to review the highlights of the convention and announce some forthcoming changes.

These include her decision to step down as Executive Director (though she isn't leaving Netroots Nation; she'll remain on the convention's board). She didn't hint at what she might be doing next, but promised news soon.

She also assured the community that leaders like Nancy Pelosi are impacted by our idealism and activism, and leave the convention closer to the people.

Gina proceeded to thank all of the volunteers and staff who made Netroots Nation 2008 possible - Raven, Mary, Marna, Josh, Nathaniel...the whole crew.

Then Raven and Mary took the stage to announce the host city for 2009.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will host the fourth annual gathering of the netroots next August. It'll be in a union hotel and convention center, too.
Convention organizers say Netroots Nation provides a unique opportunity to help build online and offline infrastructure in the host region, as well as in surrounding states like Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan and New York.

“In Austin, we had a chance to work with a strong, vibrant Netroots community and get feedback from local activists,” said convention spokesman Raven Brooks. “In our new host city, we have the opportunity to not only bring together existing local and regional progressive communities, but also help create new ones.”

Pittsburgh is a leader in green building, touting the first and largest LEED certified convention center in the country.

As part of newly announced effort to make Netroots Nation the most environmentally sustainable bloggers gathering ever, organizers say they plan to introduce a carbon offset program in 2009.

The city’s accessibility to rail travel will also cut down on the overall carbon footprint.
Raven and Mary also announced an expansion of the scholarship program (people will be able to donate to that when they register) and discounted registration for students. As well, discounted registration will no longer be tied to dates...there will just be a certain number of registrations at every level.


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