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Thursday, July 17, 2008

LIVE from Austin: Howard Dean - Democracy for America with Vote for Change

A crowd began to assemble at the park across from the Hilton about noon, and before long, the very cool-looking Vote for Change bus pulled up.

Disembarking were the Texas Democratic Chair, the VP of the University of Texas Student Democrats (voting Democratic for the first time) and Howard Dean!

After introductions, Howard talked about the importance of registering voters, empowering the grassroots in all fifty states and supporting Barack Obama. He emphasized that this election should not just be about taking control of the party once again but about building a permanent structure.

The bus was heading for Louisiana, but Dean started naming off states that need to be won in the fall, such as Virginia, Colorado and maybe even Texas. Supporters with good memories remembered past occasions of the changing of state names, and joined in with hearty voices, topped off with rowdy "heaahhhh!!!" screams.

This was an exciting moment for Texas and for all of us, really.


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