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Thursday, July 17, 2008

LIVE from Austin: Empowered by Howard

National Democratic Chairman Howard Dean, champion of people powered politics and a resolute believer in a fifty state strategy, has just climbed the stairs up to the podium to a thundering welcome, waving to thousands of cheering activists and bloggers armed with Change We Can Believe In signs.

Dean began by thanking the Netroots Nation team and explained that he had just been to Crawford, Texas for the first time in his life earlier that day.

"We want real change in America and Crawford, Texas wants real change in America," Dean told attendees.

"If it wasn't for the netroots nation, we would not have a majority in the House of Representatives," Dean said, crediting the community for the sweeping 2006 midterm election victories that the party enjoyed.

"When Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, he will become president of all fifty states, not just those that agreed with him...Barack Obama is the candidate of the future of America."

"He understands that his job is to heal America."

Moving on to talk about the fifty state strategy, Dean declared, "We can win everywhere. And that's why we're doing this."

He received a standing ovation when he mentioned Texas state legislative races - the Democrats will have a majority in the state House if they can pick up five more seats, a majority that can undo the Republicans' crooked schemes.

"When your average campaign contribution is sixty eight dollars, you're owned by no one but the American people," Dean said, referring to Obama's campaign.

"Millions of people have been registered to vote," Dean added.

He proudly reviewed the changes he's made since becoming the Democratic Party's chief executive, noting: "As you know, when we came to Washington, D.C. we fired all the consultants who had been paid money over the years to tell us how to lose."

He went on to describe the success of the VoteBuilder application, available to Democratic campaigns at every level.

"Part of our defense is having a moral authority," Dean said, noting that having a great military isn't enough to keep America safe. He received another standing ovation as he denounced torture and human rights abuse.

He closed by thanking attendees, and praised the Internet as the most important invention since the printing press, because it has revolutionized grassroots politics. "If you want to nourish democracy, you have to keep on doing what you're doing," Dean said. "This is up to you. We are passing the torch...That's what this campaign is really about."

"I thank you not only for what you have done, but what you will do."


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