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Friday, July 18, 2008

Dino Rossi doesn't care what you want to talk about

So Allen Schauffler and David Postman interviewed Dino Rossi for KING 5's Up Front program, which will air on Sunday. As Postman notes on his blog, he asked Dino Rossi why he won't answer questions about issues that he says aren't a part of his campaign. This was the response from Rossi:
I only have so much time to talk to the voters in the state of Washington. ... This is my campaign. I’ll talk about the issues I want to. When people have the guts enough to run for office they can actually talk about whatever issues they want to talk about. [emphasis mine]
Can you be any more condescending Dino? Apparently, you've forgotten that the people elect you to office. These are voters who are affected by policies that the state enacts and implements. And they'll talk to you about any issue they please. And if you don't change your attitude, then good luck getting any votes.

Since I have actually run for office before (when I lived in California), I'm one of the privileged few who get to talk about whatever I want so I'll be sure to make my question count.


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