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Thursday, July 24, 2008

BREAKING: Sound Transit adopts new Phase 2 expansion plan, refers it to voters

The Sound Transit Board has just approved a new fifteen year, Phase 2 plan for expansion of its high capacity rail network and bus system.

If the voters say yes, light rail will be extended north to Lynnwood, south through King County towards Tacoma, and east into Redmond (at Overlake). Express bus service will be expanded and Sounder commuter rail increased.

The vote to adopt the plan was sixteen to two. King County Executive Ron Sims and Councilmember Peter Von Reichbauer, a Republican, voted no.

Hilariously, when it was Sims' turn to vote, his head was turned towards Von Reichbauer and he wasn't paying attention. His name had to be called repeatedly to get his attention. There was laughter in the room. Sims turned and uttered a barely audible "no", as if he was embarrassed and ashamed of his decision.

Paula Hammond, Chris Gregoire's voice on the Sound Transit Board, voted yes.

The vote to refer the new Phase 2 plan to the people was unanimous, however.

All of us at the Northwest Progressive Institute would like to express our appreciation to Mayor Greg Nickels and the Sound Transit Board for placing this proposal to expand light rail and transit service before voters. Mayor Nickels, in particular, deserves a tremendous round of applause for patiently working with board members to make this happen.

Today is a great day for the people of Puget Sound. Voters will get the opportunity this November to decide on the future of transit in our region.

The campaign to win the electorate's approval of Sound Transit 2 begins now.


Blogger Ian said...

Wooo!!! We need more mass transit now!!!

July 24, 2008 5:28 PM  

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