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Monday, July 14, 2008

Announcing... The Advocate!

We're pleased this morning to unveil the new name for our official blog: The Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate.

Starting today, "Official Blog" will be phased out as the official name of this publication. All references to it on our network will be changed.

If you are kind enough to link here, please update your blogroll to "NPI Advocate" (we know Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate is a mouthful!)

What led us to choose The Advocate as our new name?

Out of all the suggestions we considered, Advocate was the name staff unanimously liked the most. It symbolizes our activist roots, our netroots heritage, and advocacy journalism. It reflects our mission and our purpose.

And unlike "Times", "Herald", or similar names, it's not in excessive use. Nationally, there is a well known GLBT magazine called The Advocate. Stamford, Baton Rouge, Contra Costa College, and Newark each have publications by that name.

But that's about it.

The Advocate was also reader submitted. It was one of the first entries that came in during our naming contest. The winner, "JY", was notified back in May and is the recipient of our multi-faceted prize.

We are an organization that believes in listening, so it's fitting that the new name for the Official Blog comes from our community of supporters.

Today begins a new era. Our hope is that the Northwest Progressive Institute Advocate become an even better blog in the months and years ahead.


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