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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smith campaign rocked by controversy over ad in Oregon's Senate race

Last week, I posted about Oregon's Democratic congressional delegation going after Gordon Smith's ad which claimed that Smith was "one of the first" to stand up to Bush and Republicans on Iraq.

Now, KATU news in Portland has picked it up. Reporter Melica Johnson has the story. Interestingly, Smith claims that he was against the war before the 2006 election, and offers a reason for his silence.

Make sure to listen all the way to the end of the news piece.

Smith didn't want to come out against the war for political reasons? We've got men and women dying in Iraq and he's worried about his political positioning? Nice.

Eric Kleefeld at TPM Election Central also made note of the controversy calling the ad's claim "dubious" and saying, "Obviously, a whole lot of other people were against the war well before November 2006 - and Smith himself voted for the war in 2002 and remained a supporter for four years."

Today, Smith is clearly showing his sweat as well. Ads have been on the air in Oregon demonstrating Smith's allegiance to oil and gas companies - while taking their campaign contributions. To fluff his cred, Smith now touts praise from Barack Obama and Dem Gov Ted Kulongoski (eschewing the GOP brand).

We wonder what Smith's good buddy John McCain thinks of Smith hiding under the Obama umbrella. So much for Smith's loyalty to the ticket.


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