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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama to clinch nomination tonight

The turning point in the race came and went back in February, but tonight, the Democratic presidential contest will finally be over:
Obama, who would be the first black candidate nominated by a major party, picked up more than two dozen endorsements from party delegates, putting him just 11 delegates away from the number he needs to become the Democratic standard-bearer. The two final primaries today in South Dakota and Montana have a total of 31 pledged delegates available.

Neither candidate campaigned today. Obama was planning a victory celebration tonight in Minnesota while Clinton was in New York, preparing her own address to supporters.

Democratic members of Congress promoted the idea of putting Clinton on the party's ticket with Obama in November as the vice presidential nominee.

Representative Jose Serrano, a New York Democrat, said Clinton told the state's congressional delegation on a conference call today that she "would be open'' to the vice presidential slot if that would help Obama's campaign.
A number of Montana superdelegates, including Governor Brian Schweitzer as well as Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester, have pledged to endorse the winner of the Treasure State's primary, which is expected to be Barack Obama.

"Parlor games", (as Senator Claire McCaskill put it) aside, the pick for vice president is largely in Barack Obama's hands. He is at the top of the ticket - the choice of running mate is ultimately his to make.

So, will Clinton concede tonight? Will she end or suspend her presidential bid? The campaign will surely deny it up until the moment that she says it publicly...they want to be in control of the ending, not cede the moment to the media.


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