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Friday, June 13, 2008

LIVE from Spokane: An incredible speech

I'm heading off to the gala reception (one of the many receptions this evening) and won't be able to post again tonight, but I wanted to note that Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson of Kansas just finished his speech, concluding the gala.

He is a former Republican who switched parties two years ago to become a Democrat. It was the best live speech I've ever heard in my life. It was full of humor and serious compassion. If I lived in Kansas, I'd vote for him for any office.

UPDATE (Andrew): Parkinson's address was indeed compelling. I've seen very few elected leaders hold the audience's attention for as long as he did. He kept everyone in suspense by continually promising to explain "the one thing" that motivated him to come to the Evergreen State for our Convention.

And he finished with a sweeping flourish that drew a loud and sustained standing ovation from the assembled Democrats.

It's hard for me to summarize what he said and do it justice, but if I have time, I'll try to transcribe his remarks from the audio recorder later.


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