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Friday, June 13, 2008

LIVE from Spokane: Gala banquet begins

I heard one estimate that there are a couple thousand people gathered together here in the ballroom at the Spokane Convention Center for tonight's traditional gala banquet. I don't think I've ever seen so many Democrats dressed so formally, but there are hundreds of people in business dress here.

Dwight Pelz just gave a stirring speech, describing how a large number of Republican candidates have chosen NOT to list the word "Republican" next to their names on the ballot.He cited Dino Rossi as a prime example. Apparently, Dino will be listed on the ballot as: "Dino Rossi, prefers GOP" or words to that effect.

Patty Murray is speaking as I type. She spoke respectfully about Hillary Clinton (and I say this as a Clinton delegate), and passionately about Barack Obama. She is not pulling any punches in slamming Republican agenda.

Patty just introduced Chris Gregoire, which led to another standing ovation. It feels like doing a series of knee bends, but it is wonderful to be able to hear from so many Democratic leaders.

UPDATE: The Governor just re-told her "Dubya and the puppies" joke. For those who haven't heard it, it goes like this (in an abbreviated form):

Dubya is riding in his limo along Pennsylvania Ave when he spots a boy on a street corner with a box of puppies, and the box is labeled "Republican puppies."

Now Dubya know we're mired in a quagmire in Iraq, Americans are suffering from high gas prices, no bid contracts, etc., but look at those puppies! So the next day he rounds up Dick Cheney and heads back to the same street corner to show him. The same boy is there, with the same box of the same puppies.

But now, the box is labeled "Democratic puppies."

Dubya asks the boy why the box says Democratic puppies instead of Republicans." The boy looks at Dubya and said "Well, their eyes are open now."

Dinner has arrived, so I'll sign off for now.


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