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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Filing Week: Report for June 3rd, 2008

It's the second day of filing week, and besides me filing my PCO candidacy form in Thurston County, here are the major developments from today. Andrew had a post on those who filed yesterday.

First, the federal races:
  • In the 3rd Congressional District, Republican Michael Delavar has joined the race with Congressman Brian Baird and Cheryl Crist, both Democrats.
  • In the 6th Congressional District, Congressman Norm Dicks has filed for re-election.
  • In the 7th Congressional District, Donovan Rivers (Democrat) and Al Schaefer (no party preference) have filed to run against Congressman Jim McDermott, who hasn't yet filed.
  • In the 8th Congressional District, James E. Vaughn (Democrat) has filed. Democrat Darcy Burner and Congressman Dave Reichert have not yet filed.
  • In the 9th Congressional District, Congressman Adam Smith has filed for re-election.
And the statewide races:
  • Governor - John W. Aiken (Republican) has filed to run against Governor Chris Gregoire.
  • Treasurer - Former Democratic State Representative Jim McIntire and Allan Martin (Republican) have filed to replace retiring Treasurer Mike Murphy.
  • Auditor - Glenn Freeman (Constitution Party) has filed to run against incumbent Auditor Brian Sonntag.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction - David Blomstrom joined the race with Randy Dorn and Don Hansler. Incumbent Terry Bergeson has not yet filed.
You can find information on the legislative candidates who have filed on the Secretary of State's website.


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