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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dino Rossi a Republican again?

Dino Rossi's campaign just sent out a fundraising email to supporters promising a special lapel pin to anyone who makes a campaign contribution. The email, like all of Rossi's rhetoric, manages to distort Governor Gregoire's record. But what I find most amusing about it is what it says at the end. First, though, Rossi's sales pitch:
There is not a moment that we can waste in this campaign - every day and everything we do is important.

Knowing that, we've created a limited edition lapel pin available exclusively to you today. [Sadly, it's more expensive than my book, and much more expensive than Tim Eyman's fraternity wristwatches.] The pin reads, "Rossi 2008" and serves as a reminder that we must all do everything we can every day to ensure a decisive victory in 2008. I would be honored to have you wear this pin and tell your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues how important the change we are working to bring Olympia is to our future. [I can't promise you the spoils I hope to deliver to my powerful, wealthy friends, but remember, if you work hard and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, you, too, can learn how to exploit the law and make a pile of money like BIAW does!]

Please follow this link to reserve your limited edition pin today with a donation of $75 or more.

My opponent, Governor Christine Gregoire, relies on big campaign contributions from the traditional liberal groups like unions and trial lawyers who want higher government spending- which will translate into higher taxes for all of us. [I'm for higher taxes too, but only the kind you can't see. Lots of user fees, taxes on future generations, and de facto taxes on people who will be cut off financially by my administration.] I am relying on contributions and support from citizens like you in every corner of our state who agree- we need change in Olympia.

[Meanwhile, I am also relying on my very good friends at the Building Industry Association of Washington to taint and defile the airwaves with slimy attack ads that denigrate my opponent to my benefit and approval. Have I mentioned that I am a hypocrite?]

As governor, I will stop the out-of-control spending that is crippling our state's budget. I will take the lead to finally bring solutions on crucial issues we face every day and return quality to our schools [just so you know, WEA, this is lip service, you can forget about cost of living increases for teachers when I am governor], fix the problems with our roads, highways and ferries [in other words, more lanes!!! Lanes good!], build a strong economic climate for business to thrive, and ensure greater public safety for our citizens [and by that, I mean handing our counties an unfunded criminal justice mandate. Local courts and police will have to fend for themselves under my budget.]

[I am not yet sure how I am going to avoid decimating the economy while slashing taxes and cutting services, but I'll probably follow my idol George Bush's example - borrow and spend. It's the cheap and easy way out when you're trying to have a free lunch.]

That is my pledge to you and I ask that you join me today to se cure [sic] a decisive victory and ensure the change we need on Election Day. Thank you.


P.S. I'm running for Governor because we need change in state government to build a better future for our families and state [my wealthy friends.] Will you join my campaign to change Washington by making an immediate donation of $50, $75, $150, $250 or more? With a donation of $75 or more today, I will rush you this exclusive "Rossi 2008" lapel pin as a reminder that we all must go the extra mile in 2008 to bring the real change and leader ship [sic] our state needs. Thank you for your generosity and support.
Obviously the bolded text in brackets is mine.

Here's how the email ends:
Paid for by Dino Rossi for Governor | Republican
So now he's a Republican? Converted from the Graveyard of Progress (GOP) Party at a second's notice, eh? Funny how Dino's website and signs say GOP, but his emails to his fan club say "Republican". Apparently, he just switches between labels at will. I guess that's the kind of inconsistency and pandering we can expect from him if he becomes governor.


Blogger pollinator said...

'GOP' is a widely-known synonym for the Republican party. I see no effort on Rossi's part to deceive or evade his affiliation.

June 28, 2008 6:19 PM  

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