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Monday, June 2, 2008

BREAKING: David McDonald Endorses Barack Obama

This past weekend Goldy reported on David McDonald's thoughts about the Democratic National Committee's Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting, of which McDonald is a member.

As a DNC member, McDonald is also a superdelegate, and one of the few from the WA delegation who remains uncommitted. A couple weeks back he told me that he planned to endorse after the May 31 meeting. Yesterday, he still wasn’t ready to commit:

Because of the level of the rhetoric I want to decompress before I decide for whom I will vote. But I expect to reach a decision next week.

Looks like McDonald has made his decision.

David Gregory of NBC just announced on his show a few minutes ago that David McDonald has endorsed Senator Barack Obama.

UPDATE: The Associated Press report regarding McDonald's endorsement can be found at the Seattle Times' website..

Also, with State Party Vice-Chair Eileen Macoll endorsing Senator Clinton last week, and David McDonald's endorsement of Senator Obama today, that leaves DNC Member Ed Cote, DNC Member Sharon Mast, and former House Speaker Tom Foley as the only uncommitted superdelegates.

UPDATE II: Speaker Foley has already endorsed Senator Clinton, according to 2008 Democratic Convention Watch. The Washington State Democratic Party website that I linked to needs updating.


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