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Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank you!

What an extroadinary night it has been.

Less than two hours ago, our first-ever Spring Fundraising Gala (which will become an annual tradition, by the way!) came to a close. It was a fantastic success, and speaking on behalf of every one of us at the Northwest Progressive Institute, I want to say thank everyone who came, who contributed, who supported our work. This event was in the works for a long time, and to have seen it come to fruition so spectacularly is immensely gratifying.

I'm going to be remembering this very fondly for a long time.

Several people have already told me they really enjoyed the food, the live music, and the caramel corn we gave out. I'm glad the flourishes turned out well. I was even more thrilled, however, with the main program.

Chip Hanauer and Major General Eaton gave very compelling addresses, and Darcy Burner was outstanding (as usual). She's really sharpened her skill as a public speaker, and when she gets to Congress, I can't wait to witness her eloquence on C-SPAN (I'll be setting the DVR to record all her speeches).

Mike West did a sueprb job tying everything together as Master of Ceremonies, and Don Mock and band kept the live jazz coming for much of the evening.

It made for a very pleasant, enjoyable atmosphere.

The Washington netroots community was strongly represented at the gala. We were honored to be joined by writers from Group News Blog, On the Road to 2008, HorsesAss, Evergreen Politics, MajorityRules, McCranium, and Washblog.

Peter Goldmark, our Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands, was also kind enough to grace us with his presence.

Tonight, we managed to raise a substantial amount of money to take this organization to the next level. More importantly, though, we learned a lot. Next year's Spring Fundraising Gala will build on everything we learned this first go-around, and it's our hope that it will come to be known as a can't miss event.


Blogger Turtle said...

It was wonderful.

May 17, 2008 7:32 AM  
Blogger Jimmy at said...

Thanks for putting this on Andrew. I really had a great time!!! Being that I grew up watching Hydroplane Racing, it was really fun meeting Chip. I got a really good story out of him that I'll never repeat!! LOL

Also, next to Gen. Eaton, who was really great, I especially appreciated Darcy's great management of "uncomfortable silence". She is really great. I can't believe how well she managed that. A testament to her fundraising abilities.

Again, thanks. What a great evening with great food and fun. It was the final highlight of a really good stay in Seattle for me.


May 18, 2008 4:12 PM  

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