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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Senator Kennedy diagnosed with brain tumor

Earlier today, Senator Edward M. Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, which was the apparent cause of his seizure over the weekend.
They said tests conducted after the seizure showed a tumor in Kennedy's left parietal lobe. Preliminary results from a biopsy of the brain identified the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma, they said.

His treatment will be decided after more tests but the usual course includes combinations of radiation and chemotherapy

No details have been released by Senator Kennedy's doctors as to how advanced the cancer is, but the outlook is generally not good.
Average survival can range from less than a year for very advanced and aggressive types - such as glioblastomas - or to about five years for different types that are slower growing.
All of us at the Northwest Progressive Institute send our best wishes and prayers to the Kennedy family at this time.

UPDATE: Governor Gregoire has issued a statement:
I am very saddened to learn of Senator Kennedy’s illness. Since the time I entered public service, I have greatly admired Senator Kennedy and his half century of hard work serving all Americans in many arenas. I have worked with Senator Kennedy, and especially respect and admire his determination to give all Americans access to decent and affordable health care and educational opportunities.

My prayers go out to the Senator and his family. I know Senator Kennedy faces challenges and his doctors are determining the most effective treatment options. But Senator Kennedy is a fighter.
Well said, Governor.


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