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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robert Mak leaving KING5 News for Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' office

Neil Modie recently retired from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, David Ammons left the Associated Press for the Secretary of State's office, and now Robert Mak, anchor of the weekly political show Upfront (on KING5) is jumping ship. What's happening to the political reporters in this state?
This is effective immediately as continuing his political reporting when he's leaving for a job in politics wouldn't be kosher.

It's another hit taken by local media programming.

We're hearing that the "overall mood at the station is very low. Newish news director, Mark Ginther is widely regarded as being clueless, and a number of long-time KING people are looking for other options.

They've had a hiring freeze in place for several months, and the word is that the big layoffs are coming very soon.
Michael Hood has the text of Mak's letter to his colleagues.

I've been interviewed by Robert Mak for Upfront before, and I have nothing but the greatest respect for him. He's a pro. We wish him luck in his new position - and we invite him to stop by Drinking Liberally sometime for some good conversation, now that he's a press flak instead of just press.


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