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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Primary election day in Oregon: Please vote

Primary election day in the Beaver State has finally arrived.

Oregon voters have until eight o'clock tonight to turn in their ballots. We urge all of our Oregon readers to do their civic duty and vote.

At stake in the primary is the presidential contest between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (Obama is expected to win easily) and the U.S. Senate race between Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick. Also to be decided are the Democratic and Republican nominees in Oregon's 5th Congressional District, currently represented by Democrat Darlene Hooley, who is retiring. Kurt Schrader is expected to triumph over Steve Marks and become the standard bearer.

As to the Merkley-Novick contest, which unfortunately has been pretty bitter at times, it's harder to predict who will emerge the victor.

Turnout is anticipated to be very high:
An election-day voter stampede is expected to propel Oregon's highest primary turnout in 20 years, state officials projected Monday.

More than 800,000 voters cast ballots in the vote-by-mail election as of Monday, and elections officials predicted another 250,000 will drop off their ballots before today's 8 p.m. deadline.

Secretary of State Bill Bradbury estimates a turnout between 50 percent and 60 percent.
Oregon thankfully has an open primary, and not some ridiculous, arcane top-two system like what has been foolishly adopted in Washington. Beaver State voters must choose either the Democratic or Republican Party ballots.

NPI will provide live coverage of tonight's election results here on the Official Blog and at Pacific NW Portal beginning around 8 PM.


Blogger Steve Rankin said...

Oregon, which registers voters by party, actually has closed primaries. Since 1989, both major parties have at times invited independents to participate, but only party members may now vote in the primaries.

It appears that the "Oregon Open Primary," which is similar to Washington's "top two," will be on the November ballot. On May 23, the proponents submitted 92,000-plus signatures, some 10,000 more than are needed, and the final deadline is July 3.

~~ Steve Rankin
Jackson, Mississippi
Free Citizen

May 28, 2008 12:09 AM  

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