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Monday, May 12, 2008

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski Loves John McCain

Taking a page out of the book of Senator Joe Lieberman (Party of One - CT), Oregon's Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski, was out on the campaign trail with presumptive Republican nominee John McCain today, pushing McCain's climate change plan.
Standing beside Oregon's Democratic governor Ted Kulongoski, McCain made a sharp break with President Bush and argued the U.S. should adopt mandatory curbs on greenhouse gas emissions and issue emissions credits to polluters that they can trade in order to spur technological innovation.


And McCain used the talk to bolster his bipartisan credentials, making a point of praising Kulongoski and saying he would help solve the climate crisis with the aid of leaders from both parties if elected president. "I will sit down with all the governors, whether they be Democrat or Republican, and work for the betterment of this nation," he said.
That can't make Hillary Clinton too happy. You see, Kulongoski endorsed Clinton back in December. Considering that Hillary has said she's staying in the race, and that she expects the party to be unified for the general election, this is a bonehead move by the Governor.

As for lame duck Governor Kulongoski, he gains nothing but the scorn of his fellow Democrats. What the Governor gives John McCain, however, is much more valuable: street credibility as he continues his sham of being a bipartisan, maverick type.

Let's hope Joe Lieberman didn't get a "Friends Fly Free" ticket to the GOP Convention. Can anyone say Joementum, party of two?

Update: Apparently, New Hampshire's Democratic Governor John Lynch has also attended a McCain campaign event.


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