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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Novick reportedly concedes, Oregon media call Senate race for Jeff Merkley

It looks like my prediction earlier this evening was on target. From BlueOregon:

KOIN called it for Jeff Merkley.

Steve Novick just called Jeff Merkley to concede... (from an anonymous tipster)
The Oregonian has also called the race for Jeff Merkley:
Oregon House Speaker Jeff Merkley slipped past political activist Steve Novick in a tight duel in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary Tuesday night as the two liberals battled for the right to challenge Sen. Gordon Smith in November.

Merkley was leading 45 percent to 41 percent in incomplete returns, with 66 percent of the vote reported. Four lesser-known candidates were splitting the rest of the Democratic vote.
KOIN's story (online version):
Merkley Beats Novick In Senate Contest

Jeff Merkley and Steve Novick slugged it out during the primary campaign, each struggling for the opportunity to run against Republican Gordon Smith in November.

After an initial Novick surge, Merkley pulled ahead and maintained a margin of several thousand votes. Polls earlier in the campaign had showed Novick with a small lead, but then Merkley poured on the heat, the money, and the advertising. You can view the latest returns online.

"Steve Novick clearly didn't have the money to compete in the ad war", said KOIN News 6 Political Analyst Jim Moore. "A quirky message may get you into the race, but it won't necessarily win it."
Congratulations to Jeff Merkley from all of us at the Northwest Progressive Institute. Now, on to November, and the defeat of Gordon Smith.


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