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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Novick asks supporters to help elect Merkley

A BlueOregon commenter, JamesX, offers this report on Novick's concession speech just minutes ago from Portland:
"The man stuck it to us." "Look at what they had to throw at us." "Our opponent mortgaged one of his houses." "The national powers that be spent hundreds of thousands of dollars." "This reminds me of the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

"We need to get behind Jeff Merkley for the United States Senate." (Whew, I was getting nervous for a minute!)

"Jeff ... will be a great United States Senator, and we're going to help him."

"I hope you'll all be proud of being part of this campaign." (Crowd: "NO-VICK! NO-VICK! NO-VICK! NO-VICK!")

"I look into this crowd and I don't see a coward or traitress among you."

At this point, KGW switched to Merkley's room.
Here's the text of Merkley's victory speech:
Tonight belongs to all Oregonians.

Tonight is our night because tonight we’ve stepped forward on the path to change America.

Tonight we took a bold step to send Gordon Smith and George Bush into retirement!

Tonight we’ve begun to take back our country from the lobbyists, the powerful special interests, and the politicians, like Gordon Smith, who serve at their beck and call.

The choice in this Senate election is crystal clear:

If you want to change Washington D.C. and set a new direction for America, then join our fight to deliver hope and opportunity to every single American.

If you want more of the same – an agenda scripted by the most powerful special interests – then Gordon Smith is your man.

Indeed, Gordon Smith’s special interest record is wildly out-of-sync with the interests of Oregonians.

Gordon Smith has voted with George Bush 90 percent of the time.

When Bush wanted tax breaks for oil companies, Gordon Smith said “count me in.”

When Bush wanted to reward corporations that ship jobs overseas, Gordon Smith said “I’m there.”

When Bush wanted to spend our nation into more than 9 trillion dollars of debt, Gordon Smith said “I’m your man.”

And when George Bush chose to lead America into an unjust war that should never have been authorized and never have been waged, Gordon Smith said “let’s go.”

Gordon Smith has been a rubber stamp for George Bush, and Oregon is ready for change.

It is time for a senator who will fight for working men and women.

It is time for a senator who understands the struggles we face every day.

It is time for a senator who knows what it feels like for families to struggle to pay the mortgage; struggle to pay for child care; struggle with the cost of prescription drugs. It is time for a senator in touch with the lives of working Oregonians.

Oregon deserves a senator who will fight with Ron Wyden for affordable, universal
health care.

Oregon deserves a senator who will end the war in Iraq and do it now.

Oregon deserves a senator who will turn-back-the-clock on unfair trade deals and fight for good-paying jobs.

Oregon deserves a senator who will end our dependence on foreign oil and lead the fight against global warming.

And Oregon deserves a senator who will always... always... protect a woman’s right to choose.

Together, we can change the direction of our nation.

Together, we can build a path for every family to thrive!

Together, we can reject the failed policies of George Bush and Gordon Smith and elect a new senator who is ready to fight for change.

This has been a historic primary election. I want to thank Steve Novick, Candy Neville and the other fine Democrats in this race.

Together our campaigns inspired more Oregonians than ever before, and we did it because we agreed on a progressive vision for America.

Steve, Candy, and the others in this race took on the challenges of this campaign because they love their country and they believe in a brighter future. They deserve our gratitude and appreciation.

This race has made me a better candidate, ready to go toe-to-toe with Gordon Smith.

When we beat Gordon Smith in November – and we will – there is no doubt that Steve Novick and Candy Neville deserve some of the credit.

But I’ll tell you this. I wouldn’t be in this race without the love and support of my incredible family.

The hardest job in a campaign is being the candidate’s spouse, and Mary has shouldered that role with grace and humor – not to mention doing a hell of a job speaking to the issue of health care.

It is my son Jonathan, who told me last July that this campaign was the right thing to do because we needed to fight the battle to end the war, create affordable health care, and tackle global warming.

And it is Brynne who charmed us in the final ad of the campaign. It is clearly the Merkley family women, who have charisma in front of the camera! Mary, Jonathan, Brynne, you rock!

I also want to acknowledge my mother, Betty Merkley, who personally made hundreds of calls to voters.

And I’m joined tonight by my sister and her family—who have been great volunteers on the campaign as well!

Finally, this campaign has thrived because of our volunteers and supporters in this room and throughout the state.

So to the hundreds of 200 Oregonians who hosted House Parties; to the thousands of volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls, thank you, thank you, thank you. None of this would be possible without you.

This is our victory. This is our night. This is our time, together, to change America. So tonight, let’s celebrate and tomorrow let’s get back to work.

The winds of change are sweeping across Oregon and they’re about to sweep Gordon Smith out of the U.S. Senate.

These winds are about to sweep change and hope into the U.S. Senate.

I will carry the battle for our children, our workers, our families, and our planet to the U.S. Senate as Gordon Smith never ever has, and never ever will

Kudos to Steve for starting the healing process among Oregon Democrats.


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