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Saturday, May 17, 2008

LIVE from Edmonds: Taking care of business at the 1st Congressional District Caucus

Today, Washington Democrats are meeting across the Evergreen State to select delegates to the National Convention in Denver, nominate Democratic standard-bearers in congressional races, and choose Democratic presidential electors.

I'm at the 1st Congressional District caucus in Edmonds, where we're listening to speeches by Democrats hoping to have the honor of representing the people of Washington State in Olympia this December to vote for the next president of the United States (should Washington vote for the Democratic nominee).

It's a pretty full room, divided down the middle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama delegates. One side of the room is plastered with a sea of Clinton placards; the other side is adorned with colorful Barack Obama posters, a number of them handmade. (One says, WA Hearts/Loves Obama).

We've heard all the speeches from the oh, twenty five or so people who want to journey to Olympia this winter to cast the 1st Congressional District's vote for president. Now we have to elect two members of the Democratic Judicial Review Board (which according to our chair, hasn't met in twenty years).

Oddly enough, there are over half a dozen people who want the job, perhaps out of curiosity. The board, I'm told, has the authority to interpret the party's rules and bylaws when there is a dispute that can't be simply resolved.

Eventually, we'll split into subcaucuses to elect delegates and alternates to the
National Convention. The 1st Congressional District will elect six pledged delegates (three women and three men). Four of these will be pledged to Barack Obama and two will be pledged to Hillary Clinton.


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